Made a new song

Hey I’ve made a new song. Its actually kinda boring but its about our pets on Club Penguin. Its called the Puffle Song.

The Puffle Song link:


Club Penguin Music Videos that i’ve made so far

(My Youtube channel link:    )

 Your so mean link:
Peace link:
Big Dreams link:
Come Back link:
Lets Party (birthday song) link:

My Birthday Party Info

EVERYBODY, You are all invited to Cadenceparis Late Birthday Party. It will be on July 5th at 12PST (penguin standard time).  It will last for i really don’t know. The server it will be on is Husky. We will all meet at the Town and to each others igloos and other places and my igloo. The theme is puffles and music. So bring your puffle and bring your dance.

If anymore questions message me on Twitter cp_cadenceparis




Welcome! My penguin name is Cadenceparis. I am a Songwriter, Club Penguin Player, YouTuber, and a Twitter account.

On YouTube, i make videos when i am bored or when i write a new song (i sing it on Club Penguin). My channel name is Cadence Paris.

On Twitter, i just post pretty much alot of things but it is usually all about Club Penguin.

On Club Penguin, i am always online on the weekends but because its summer i’ll be on ALWAYS!!

Being a Songwriter, its not that easy i have to put my feelings into it and make sure i have feel what i am writing about or else it’ll seem boring.. I always try my best to make sure to feel what my song needs to be like.

Thanks for reading this blog post 🙂